chardonnayPinot NoirAcinipoFinca SanguijuelaPetit VerdotRosado
Alcohol Variety Bottling Taste Date Average temperature Pluviometry Mar-Sept
  • 13,5%
  • Chardonnay
  • 23/03/2023
  • 24/03/2023
  • 14,7ºC/año
  • March-Sept. 352 L. 595 L/year


6 months of ageing “sur lie” with “batonnage” * in French oak barrels.
*Ageing on natural fine lees, which is raisaed at regular intervals during a period of time between 2 – 6 months.


Bright yellow.


Spectacular aroma of jasmine and white flowers, with notes of subtropical fruits, mango and citrus.


Harmony on the palate, with lively acidity and deeply mineral. Persistent finish of subtropical fruits (lychee, mango, kiwi and banana).


A very very dry winter, until February it had only rained 19 liters. Cold nights but with temperatures no more than -2ºC. The rains finally began in mid-March. On 03.14.22, 70 liters of water fell in one day and it also snowed in the Sierra. In the second half of March, more than 200 liters fell very gently, and as a curiosity with a dust storm from the Sahara desert. Everything became muddy like never before, and it served as fertilizer for the earth. On 27.04.22 there was a storm with 17 liters of water, of which hail fell for 10 minutes. Luckily they were small grains and did not harm the vines. From 15 to 22.05.2022 there was a hello heat, where temperatures rose to 37 ºC, that caused with the abundant rain that at the end there was in spring, a very accelerated growth, in less than 3 weeks the leaf mass was already fully constituted, the wires raised, the first cutouts had to be made. La Flor began on 05.23.2022 in the early varieties (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Lemberger) and ended on 05.31.2022. The late varieties (Petit Verdot, Black Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) just one week later. The closing of the bunches was at the end of June. Veraison began on 07.05.2022 in the earliest varieties. The first half of August was a long spell of heat with temperatures on some days above 40 degrees. On 08.18.2022 it finally began to cool down and coincided with the beginning of the harvest, and we finished just a month later on 09.17.2022, it was a very good harvest with excellent quality and also surprisingly very good quantity. With a very close maturation, one variety after the other. In general, a vintage with very good phenolic maturation and sufficient sugars that allowed wines with good acidity and moderate alcohol content. On October 9,10,11 the first rains began. October and November were very dry in general, however it rained a lot in the first fortnight of December. The second fortnight was very cold with frosts every day, which allowed good lying down and bud formation for the following year.


Residual sugar: 1,0 gr/ltr. SO2 Free: 0 mgr./ltr.
Total acidity: 4,62 gr/ltr. SO2 Total: 17 mgr./ltr.
Volatile acidity: 0,34 gr./ltr. Dry extract: 19,5 gr/ltr.
Bottles: 2000 ph: 3.39
ºOechsle: 99º Volumetric mass: 1098

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