Our vineyard uses organic and biodynamic practices. This is favourable for a rich, diverse and balanced environment

The soil’s needs for nutrients are taken care of by the natural cycle. The shredded vine shoots and prunings as well as the rest of the wine lees and grape marc of the vinification are returned to the soil through biodynamic compost.

The removal of the most significant nutrients is compensated with compost and green manure, and entails the sowing of legumes: beans, chickpeas, clover, peas, etc. to ensure the capture of nitrogen. Simultaneously it reduces the risk of soil erosion.

The yield is reduced through one sole double guyot pruning in winter – a painstaking process which leaves 6 to 8 buds per vine.

The subsequent green pruning entails many interventions (cropping, trimming, removal of small clusters of grapes, of secondary branches and pruning the tips of the shoots) in order to obtain an elevated, loose and well-distributed foliar wall. This increases the quality of the grape and at the same time has a strong preventive function against possible attacks of fungal diseases and plagues.

Bodega Schatz uses organic products for the protection of the vines against any kind of disease as well as for the actual treatment. These preventive measures are mainly limited to cases of adverse weather and therefore especially aimed at strengthening the plant’s own defence systems and the existing secondary fauna.

Small doses of elemental sulphur and copper, natural soap, garlic extract, pheromones, potassium silicate, alcohol, yeasts, fennel oil as well as the biodynamic substances 500-508 (horn manure, horn silica, yarrow, camomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion, valerian and horsetail) are also applied.

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