Sensitive Crystallizations

This is a method to appreciate the vitality (the living strength) of our food and one of the few techniques which allows us to distinguish between cultivation practices and also give a clue if the wine has been manipulated or transformed, or if it suffers from any deficiencies or diseases.

Based on the fact that every mineral has its crystal, a particular geometric disposition of molecules, an orderly structure is formed during solidification. This is in close relation to the vibratory patterns, forces and energies which influence these elements.

The method consists in crystallizing a solution of copper chloride, CuCl2(II); this needs to happen under controlled temperature and humidity, approx. 28°C and 60% HR. In absence of these special conditions, the crystallization of the copper-chloride solution will result in images without a clear structure.

All it needs is to mix the chloride with organic material (wine) so that the images appearing on the plates (petri dishes) change radically.

By interpreting the emerging crystallizations we obtain information about the wine. An indispensable tool to know and understand our work.


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